A little introduction…


Welcome to my blog! My name is Rachel and I’m a recent M.A. Art History grad in Canada’s capital Ottawa. I really love my hometown and exploring all it has to offer and I thought, hey why not share it with the anonymous internet! I also want to share my love of travel, food, art and photography through this new blog. So if you happen to stumble onto my little creative space here I hope you enjoy it and come back again soon!

If you do find yourself back here expect to find posts about all that there is to do in Ottawa (the best food, things to do and places to see!), photos and tips from future and past travels around the world (Spain, Italy, France, Canada and the US so far), maybe some recipes I’m trying out, art I love and I’ll probably be showing off my photography here and there. If you do stop by feel free to introduce yourself and connect with me through Instagram.


At Gaudí’s beautiful Park Güell in Barcelona scouting the Instagram walls, May 2018



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