Ottawa, Photography

Flowers are my favourite part about spring and summer and we’re lucky in Ottawa to have a few places right in the middle of the city where you can see gorgeous blooms from tulips and roses to lilacs and sunflowers. The best place for flowers and one of my favourite places in all of Ottawa is the Central Experimental Farm

At the furthest corner of the farm at Merivale and Baseline is a little field of sunflowers. You can see them bloom every summer from around mid-July to mid-August. It’s not really a well kept secret anymore since it’s pretty popular on Instagram with people trampling through the field making big holes in the field to get their perfect selfie. While I don’t go stepping in the field I do enjoy going to see the flowers to take some photographs and just generally to enjoy the sight of these beautiful flowers. The first time I went I wasn’t really sure where they were so I parked over by the Ornamental Gardens and walk all the way across the farm to find them. While the walk may have been excessive it was a lovely way to spend an evening walking through this big farm in the middle of Ottawa.



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