Eldon’s Restaurant Review

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There is nothing better than a Sunday brunch so on the last weekend of summer we decided to check out Eldon’s on Bank St. in the Glebe. This place has been open for a few months now and they use local fresh ingredients. I was looking forward to trying it since the food looked pretty good even though their non-egg breakfast option were pretty limited. However, our experience was a little disappointing because of bad service.


Once someone finally came to take our order we got just a coffee and a chai latte. The latte wasn’t very flavourful but the coffee was good since they use Pilot Coffee from Toronto. It seemed as though you got free refills on the drip coffee but none of the wait staff ever came to check on our table so we didn’t get seconds. I also got a cronut which is supplied by Art Is In Bakery and it was very good and rich.IMG_8805

I also got the berries and honey toast which was really good and the bread seemed like it was from Art Is In Bakery too. The berries were nice and fresh and I could tell they came from a local supplier. The combo of the cronut and the toast was a bit too rich but I didn’t feel like a salad or sandwich for brunch and these were the only non-egg options. As you can see the toasts are pretty small so I wanted the pastry to fill myself.


My boyfriend got the “standard” which is soft poached eggs on a crispy has brown with toast. He said it was really good and the prices for everything were pretty reasonable.


Eldon’s was good but I’m not sure I would rush to go back. They also serve coffee and lunch through the afternoon and dinner at night. There dinner menu looks good but it’s also pretty small. I think if the service had been better I would be more willing to go back sooner but bad service is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when there are other brunch places with amazing service and equally good food in Ottawa. Eldon’s does have a really nice vibe though especially with the cute Instagramable decor and the big garage door window open in the summer. It’s definitely a nice addition to the Glebe and a step up from the burrito shack that used to occupy this location.


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