Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate at Alicja Confections

Food, Ottawa

Anyone who knows me knows I have a big sweet tooth and I’m also on the hunt for new treats. While walking through the Rideau Centre I saw free chocolate so of course I went over for a sample and discovered that Alicja Confections, an Ottawa based chocolate maker/shop now has a pop-up at the Rideau Centre through the holiday season. I’ve seen Alicja Confections before on Bank St. while walking through the Glebe but I’ve never actually stopped in before. I love supporting local brands and Alicja Confections is now one of my new favourite places for a sweet treat in the city.


Their chocolates are not only delicious and made in Ottawa but they are super cute! The bars of chocolate come in little postcard boxes with cute designs that you can actually send in the mail if you haven’t already eaten the chocolate inside.


I decided to buy the espresso dark chocolate and the lavender lilac milk chocolate postcard bars. Both are so good! The chocolate itself is really good and the flavours added really let the chocolate shine while enhancing the flavours.


While buying my chocolate bars I couldn’t resist the bonbons that were so pretty! I got the sriracha dark, pistachio dark, mango bubble tea white, cherry milk chocolate, blackberry chia white and dulce de leche milk. I can’t wait to try more flavours because these are so good! They are $2.50 each so it won’t be a frequent treat since they are pretty small. The bars of chocolate are $8.99 and considering it’s good quality chocolate made in Ottawa I’m not mad at the price.


In addition to the bars of chocolate they also make chocolate barks and the flavours look really interesting so I can’t wait to try those too.


Look how cute this packaging is!!


This pop-up in Rideau comes at the perfect time since we’re getting into the chocolate season with Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter. I’m going to be eating a lot of delicious local chocolate! Also you can visit Alicja Confections anytime at their location in the Glebe.


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