Almonte, Ontario Travel Guide

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The town of Almonte, Ontario is about 40 minutes west of downtown Ottawa and it’s the perfect little day trip from the city, especially during the fall season, major Stars Hollow vibes! So this last weekend we drove over to see what there was to do and eat in Almonte.


Look how cute this town is! Doesn’t it make you think of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls?!

Equator Coffee Roasters


Our first stop in Almonte was Equator Coffee Roasters. I’ve been to both their coffee shop locations in Ottawa but the roastery is in Almonte and they have a nice cafe there too. We just had some drinks and pastries but they also have lunch items as well as pizza, which I definitely want to try for lunch next time. This is definitely a must do in Almonte since it’s some of the best coffee in the region.

Hummingbird Chocolate Maker

You may have seen Hummingbird Chocolate around grocery stores in Ottawa but it’s actually made in Almonte. From the unroasted cacao bean to the final bar of delicious chocolate! Their chocolate is direct trade, meaning they have direct relationships with the farmers who grow the cacao beans they use to make the chocolate. You can buy a full range of their chocolate at the store in Almonte but you can also go for a tour on Saturdays at 10:30am and try some amazing stuff. You need to reserve online in advance (only 12 people per tour) for $5 and you get 10% off any chocolate you buy in the store after. The tour was so interesting and you can read my full review soon on the blog!

Healthy Food Technologies Donuts

Because all that chocolate isn’t enough you also need to try Almonte’s best doughnut shop. Their doughnuts are made with 50% less fat but you really can’t even tell. They have all the classical flavours as well as some interesting ones and whole wheat options. Definitely worth a stop for any doughnut lover.

Riverwalk & Shopping


After indulging in some sweet treats head to the centre of town and do the Riverwalk. At the same time stop to see the old post office and do some shopping on Mill Street and Little Bridge Street. If you still have room for treats Baker Bob’s is serving up all the fall treats you could ever want and Peches & Poivre has you covered for jams, preserves, sauces and kitchen accessories. Cheerfully Made, as the name suggests is full of cute fashions, accessories and decor from local sources. My favourite store was the Tin Barn Market that was full of the prettiest vintage inspired home decor, furniture, and candles. There are also plenty of antique stores and small artisan galleries.

North Market Cafe


Go for lunch at North Market Cafe, it was delicious! Everything we had was great and I think mostly vegetarian, the staff was friendly and decor was super cute. Definitely worth a lunch stop if you want a casual meal. Also the presentation was on point.

Mill of Kintail


The Mill of Kintail is a historic mill just outside the city centre. It’s very popular for weddings and there are also some really nice walking trails. The longest one is only an hour but they are really nice especially during the fall season when the leaves have changed colours.

Crooked Mile Brewery


Before leaving town don’t forget to stop at Almonte’s local craft brewery for some beer. It’s right beside Equator Coffee and they have a nice selection of beers including a nitro dark chocolate stout made from cacao nibs from Hummingbird Chocolate.

Heirloom Cafe

For our next trip to Almonte we want to try Heirloom Cafe. We tried to go for lunch but it was packed full so apparently you need a reservation even for lunch. But it did look really good and seemed like a nice option for dinner.

Dairy Distillery

Although this place is not yet open to the public they will be on November 1st. The Dairy Distillery uses cows milk to make vodka and they are the only distillery of its kind in Canada and one of the few in the world. I’m really interested to try it and it’s one of the main reasons why I want to make a return trip to Almonte.

Almonte is really the perfect fall town but I’m sure it’s just as pretty in every season so I can’t wait to come back and explore more of what this charming town has to offer!


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