Ottawa Bites: Moo Shu Ice Cream

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I have to admit that before Moo Shu Ice Cream I wasn’t really into ice cream but since they opened in summer 2016 on Bank Street I’ve become obsessed! Moo Shu’s ice cream flavours are so unique and unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. They use fresh and local ingredients and strive to be dietary friendly for people with those gluten or vegan concerns. This food post is less of a review and more of a rave about this little ice cream spot.


On my most recent visit for ice cream their special flavours of the moment were inspired by the Potter World/Fantastic Beasts with four flavours inspired by Ilvermorny, the North American wizarding school. The flavours pictured above are Thunderbird (prickly pear with coloured basil seed hail) and Wampus (burnt honey and juniper berry with raspberry swirl). Both were delicious and the Wampus was one of my all time favourites! The two other special flavours were Horned Serpent (black coffee with cocoa-candied black walnut) and Pukwudgie (vegan turmeric spiced carrot with gingered elderberry jam). It’s really amazing how they come up with the truly unique flavours and constantly find inspiration in things that you wouldn’t think would make good ice cream.

They always have these unique rotating flavours that keep me coming back, even in the freezing cold dead of winter. But they also have their “classic’ flavours that are almost always on the menu such as Local Strawberry, Hong Kong Milk Tea, London Fog, Vietnamese Coffee. Froot Loop Cereal Milk, Vegan Chocolate, Lime Leaf and Mint, Black Sesame and Ginger Vanilla Bean. As I mentioned before they are also conscious of people with dietary and lifestyle concerns by having vegan flavours and gluten free cones.


One of the special things Moo Shu does is Bubble Waffle Wednesday. The owner was inspired by her childhood growing up partially in Hong Kong were they have these street food bubble waffles. They are really delicious especially with the ice cream. Every week, only on Wednesday you can get one of these special waffles and they come in different flavours such as earl grey, cheese and black sesame as well as a weekly special flavour. Recently they’ve also had the option of having a hot dog or veggie dog in your bubble waffle instead of ice cream, but I’ve yet to try this.


As good as the ice cream and bubble waffles are in the summer when it’s hot you may not always want that in the winter in Ottawa. Well good news because Moo Shu has you covered with one of my favourite lunches in the city! They only serve lunch in the “off season” from October to April and only from Thursday – Sunday, 12pm – 3pm. The dishes are so delicious and if I could I would go every week. The two lunch options are Miso-Ume Pork Wantons and Vegan Ma Po Tofu. Both a have a bit of spice to them and are served with rice and veggies. So if you were still looking for a reason to try Moo Shu this is it.

I’ve probably spent way too much money on ice cream at Moo Shu, especially since you can also buy pints of your favourite flavours, but I just can’t help myself with this place. Every time they announce a new flavour I want to do, not that I do but I really want to! So if you’re looking for a great place for ice cream in Ottawa or a little spot of lunch then look no further that Moo Shu Ice Cream, the best ice cream in Ottawa.


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