Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

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For as long as I can remember I’ve been making these Christmas sugar cookies with my Grandma, first with my Great-Grandma when she would come from Winnipeg and now with my Grandma. It’s one of my oldest Christmas traditions and one of my favourite cookies to make and eat! For some reason the recipe in my Grandma’s book is titled “Dream Biscuits”, maybe because they’re just that good.

It could just be nostalgia but having eaten a lot of cookies over the years I do feel confident in saying that this is a solid sugar cookie recipe. The thing that makes them special though is how you bake them so that the festive decorations stick to the dough. It’s also important to decorate them with loads of colourful sprinkles until your fingers are stained black. When I bake these with my Grandma we use antique cookie cutters but if you don’t have antique Christmas cookie cutters that’s okay.

My Grandma’s handwriting is impossible to read so I’ve helpfully transcribed it.

Christmas Sugar Cookie RecipeChristmas Sugar Cookie Recipe 2

Download the recipe here: Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

My Christmas holidays start today so now I can finally start getting into the spirit and do some baking!


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