A Meal to Remember: Pujol, Mexico City

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Pujol by Chef Enrique Olvera in Mexico City is one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and as of 2019 it currently sits at #12. Mexico doesn’t have a Michelin Guide but I think it’s safe to assume that if it did Pujol would have at least one star if not more. On our trip to Mexico City in March we were lucky enough to dine there and truly had an amazing and memorable experience.


Pujol offers a fixed price, multi course tasting menu. They have a Maiz (corn) or Mar (seafood) option so even vegetarians or fish-adverse people can enjoy eating here. It’s recommended if you’re a couple to have one of each menu so you can try everything.


As you can see from the menu above the meal is a fixed price, multi course offering with the seafood option being a bit more expensive. We got one of each type of menu, two cocktails, two glasses of wine, and a mezcal aperitif that came to around $500 Canadian with a good tip for fabulous service. It may seem a bit pricey but considering the fact that the service was amazing, all the food was incredible, and that this a one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants it’s actually not that bad. Also the menu says 7 courses but there is a little palate cleanser before dessert as well as a post-dessert dessert to share that aren’t on the menu. For may of the courses a basket of warm tortillas is also brought out to eat with certain dishes. This was a truly memorable dinning experience and was 100% worth it.

First course for both menu options: street snacks. I completely forget what the little street snack on the plate is but the one is the smoky gourd is a baby corn with some kind of amazing sauce with little ants. For my first bug eating experience I have to say it was delicious!

Second and third course for the Maiz menu.

Fourth and fifth course for the Maiz menu.

Second and third course for the Mar menu.

Fourth and fifth course for the Mar menu.

Sixth course for both menus: the famous old and new mole. It was truly amazing, I almost licked my plate clean.


Seventh course – Maiz dessert on left and Mar dessert on right. I wish I could of had a giant bowl of that strawberry ice cream!

Palate cleanser, a delicious yuzu sorbet and churros to share as a little post-dessert dessert.

Everything we ate was amazing, delicious and interesting. It’s hard to talk about specifics since everything we ate was memorable and the menu also changes. As a picky eater I was a little worried about a fixed menu even though there was a vegetarian option. Luckily there were no mushrooms on the menu that night other than truffle since that’s the one veggie I really can’t stand. Everything from the ambiance, decor, amazing attentive service, pacing of courses, drinks and food were amazing. With small plates like this I feel like there is always the fear of not being full at the end of the meal but we didn’t experience that at all. We left feeling 100% satisfied, not stuffed but not hungry still.


If you can get a reservation then I highly recommend dinning at Pujol if you’re in Mexico City. As soon as we booked our flights for the trip we made a reservation, and that was about 5 months in advance! You NEED to reserve early since this place books up weeks and even months in advance. I believe the lunch time seating is maybe a bit easier to get a reservation for and there is also a fixed price, multi course taco bar tasting menu option. If you have one special and expensive meal in Mexico City make it Pujol.


It’s been almost 2 months since this meal and I still think about it and wish I could have some of those dishes again!



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