Brunch at Masala y Maíz, Mexico City

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Masala y Maíz in Mexico City’s Juarez neighbourhood was the perfect brunch spot when we visited back in March. Our hotel included breakfast but I wanted to try one of Mexico City’s amazing brunch places while we were there. Masala y Maíz explores the culinary traditions of South Asian, East African and Mexico.

We really loved our experience here from the food, drinks and service. The restaurant specialized in natural wines and I had an amazing funky orange wine. My boyfriend tried the speciality Chaat Michelada drink, which was lime, house chaat salt, house made chamoy from wild plums and fresh hibiscus, light mexican beer. It was kind of like a beer margarita.

To start we had a delicious yogurt dish with honey, papaya, pistachio and mint (top left). The flavours were so good with the saltiness of the pistachios mixing with the sweet fruit. Then we had the most most amazing quesadilla (top right) but made with an Indian bread instead of a tortilla. I feel like I really need to recreate this at home. It also had a wonderful herby, acidic, spicy cactus salad. Next there was a seafood dish with a strawberry soup (not pictured) that I didn’t try since I don’t like fish but I’m told it was delicious. Continuing with brunch we had to get the masala fried chicken with broccolini (bottom left). It was served with a sweet potato cardamom puree and an herb chutney. It was one of the best fried chickens I’ve had with that amazing masala flavour. To finish up we had a little passionfruit and lemon granitas with sparkling wine.


Everything here, like everywhere we ate in Mexico City was so delicious and fresh. The flavour combinations were amazing and I wish I could go for brunch here every weekend! On top of the amazing food the service was so nice and friendly. Of all the places we ate in Mexico City the service here was probably the nicest. I also really love the story of this restaurant. They work with just 6 small local farms to get all the ingredients they serve and the menu is driven by seasonal availability. The restaurant also reflects the chefs’ beliefs in social and environmental justice. When we were their a huge march for justice for violence against women had just taken place in the city and all the mirror in the dinning room had been painted in support.

If you’re looking for something a little different while in Mexico City come to Masala y Maíz whether it’s for brunch of lunch! You won’t be disappointed!


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