Dining at Rosetta, Mexico City

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Rosetta is one of those beautiful restaurants you see all the time on Instagram. The interior is bight and dreamy, filled with plants. But is the food any good? Well we went to Rosetta in Mexico City’s Roma Norte neighbourhood during our trip in March and had a delicious time! Rosetta is a modern Italian restaurant with a modern Mexican twist. All the dishes use so many fresh ingredients.


If I’m being completely honest I booked a reservation here right when they opened so I could get a shot of the gorgeous dinning room with no people — worth it. The setting here is beautiful with a big skylight, plants hanging from the ceiling, painted walls and colourful plates at each table.


All the food was incredible and we probably ordered too much but there were just so many things I wanted to try. With the language barrier I wasn’t sure if we should order everything at once so we did. I kind of expected plates to come one at a time but everything kind of came at once and filled the table. I’m not going to lie, we felt a bit self-conscious about the amount of food sitting on our table for two people. Another table of tourists across from us giggled a little at our startled faces when everything arrived. Although the service was efficient I felt that the all male serving staff were a bit cold but I think it was just a cultural difference. The female hostesses seemed friendlier. This in no way lessened our enjoyment of the food but I felt a bit awkward at times interacting with the waiters.

For our lunch we ordered the rye sourdough and chicatana ant butter (above left) which was delicious but probably unnecessary since they brought out a big complementary bread basket after we ordered everything, so we ended up with a lot of bread. We also got the white mole and roasted carrots (above right). Both dishes were really delicious.

We also got a risotto with ‘njuda and orange (above left) and an amazing fresh corn tamal (above centre). I dream about that tamal! For dessert (above right) we couldn’t resist getting this delicious matey, pixtle y tascalate. I’m still not sure what it was but it was so different and delicious!


Rosetta kind of has a mini restaurant-cafe empire in Mexico City with multiple bakeries around the city. One of the Panaderia Rosettas can be found right across the street from the restaurant. If you eat one pastry in Mexico City have it been this amazing guava bun! They are so delicious we went back to one of the bakeries on our last day and bought 4 to bring home.


We loved Rosetta so much that the next day we went back for some drinks on the patio and got a couple fresh salads. The endive, vanilla and lemon one was particularly delicious. And all the drink and cocktails were great too. It was so nice sitting on the little patio on the quiet street while a local musician played his guitar. It made for a very relaxing afternoon before dinner.


If you’re tired of tacos (but really how could you be?) I highly recommend Rosetta in Mexico City. Everything was so delicious and fresh! We made lunch reservations during a weekday and since this place is popular with tourists and locals alike it’s probably wise to make a reservation if you want to come for lunch or dinner.


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