A Mediterranean Lunch at Lardo, Mexico City

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Lardo in Mexico City’s Condesa neighbourhood was one place I knew I wanted to try during our visit in March. Everything on their Mediterranean inspired menu was delicious! Lardo is part of the same restaurant group as Rosetta (you can even get their pastries at the side to-go window) and after dinning there I knew Lardo was going to be just as good!


As you can tell from the crowd outside this place on a Sunday afternoon reservations are a must! This place is a favourite among tourists and locals. We made our reservation about 2 weeks before but even then we had issues finding a time that worked so definitely book well in advance if you’re going on a weekend.


As this was our last day in Mexico City and we were flying home later that night we decided to go all out and order a ton of dishes for lunch. We started with burrata and moscatel plums that was delicious with the pita bread. I will definitely be recreating this one at home! Then we had the risotto croquettes with saffron and mozzarella, stuffed zucchini flowers and artichoke salad with arugula and parmesan. All of these little plates were delicious and we devoured it all!


As pizza lovers were could not resist getting a couple amazing fresh pizzas! We chose two that were unique and I’m so glad we went with something a little different since they were amazing! We got the corn smut (fungus) and strachinella cheese pizza topped with little greens and the zucchini, parmesan and peppermint pizza. The zucchini pizza is another one I will definitely be trying to recreate this summer! The corn smut one was so interesting and I’m glad we got it since it’s just not an ingredient we get in Canada.


With a long night of travel ahead of us that day a long lunch at Lardo with amazing food and wine was so perfect! Like all the places we ate at in Mexico City I can’t recommend this one enough. Although the service was a little cold and hurried like at Rosetta the food was exceptional.



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