Summer Evenings in Ottawa

Ottawa, Photography

Another summer of mostly staying close to home means lots of walks around the city. Golden hour walks around downtown Ottawa are the best when the light changes, the weather cools down a bit and people are chilling in the park and on patios. My favourite places are along Wellington Street, Major’s Hill Park, around the National Gallery of Canada and the Byward Market, down along the Rideau Canal close to the NAC and of course the Ottawa Locks by the Chateau Laurier. Here are some snapshots of summer evenings in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill along Wellington Street
Peonies behind the Chateau Laurier in Major’s Hill Park
Along the Rideau Canal
Reflection of the Chateau Laurier in the Ottawa Locks
National Gallery of Canada from Major’s Hill Park
Major’s Hill Park with the sun setting
Patios in the courtyard of the Byward Market
National Gallery of Canada
Basilica Notre Dame and Maman sculpture
View of the Rideau Canal

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