The Skyward Cabin in Prince Edward County

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When we visited Prince Edward County last summer we decided to stay at the new Skyward Cabin at The Edward B&B. When we visited PEC in 2019 we had the most amazing stay at The Edward but with the pandemic, accommodation options become a bit more limited since they were now renting the entire B&B instead of individual rooms to limit contact between guests. Luckily The Edward recently opened a beautiful glass walled cabin in the woods on their property. This little cabin in the woods was the perfect getaway, especially a time when you want to be a bit more secluded and away from other people.

Everything about our stay at the Skyward Cabin was great. Upon our arrival we met one of the owners of The Edward, Payam who actually built the cabin and he walked us back to the cabin through the woods. It’s only a short walk from the main house where you park, probably less than 5 minutes. Since you do have to carry everything in and the ground can be a little uneven in places make sure you pack light and definitely don’t bring a wheel suitcase. Payam was super friendly and if we needed more water or anything like that it was easy to send him a message.

At the cabin there is a fire pit with wood and a grill to cook over as well as a wood burning stove that you can cook on top of. There is a kettle to boil water and a pour over coffee maker and mugs, as well as coffee and tea provided. There is also a frying pan, pot, cooking utensils, plates and cutlery. They provide you with some eggs, cooking oil, salt, pepper and bread for your breakfast in a nice big cooler. There is a cooler jug of water as well as a hanging bag of water, we used the hanging bag to wash our dishes and hands. We didn’t do much cooking at the cabin except for coffee/tea and some eggs in the morning. But we did also bring some extra food with us like some fruits and cheeses we picked up at one of the wineries, and of course some local things to drink in the evening. There is also a really useful folding table that you can use to prep food and we discovered when we were folding it up to leave that there is actually a built in sink which is useful of washing up.

The cabin itself is small but comfortable. The mattress was nice to sleep on and the sleeping bags were comfy and kept us warm when it got a bit chillier at night. There is also a very useful mosquito net over the bed and lights on either side. We were able to unplug one of the lights to charge our phones which was useful. The bathroom is cabin in also barebones but comfortable with a compost toilet and an outdoor shower with hot and cold water. Towels and soap are provided but we brought our own shampoo and conditioner. For women I suggest you bring a little mirror or compact since there wasn’t one and I ended up putting in my contact lenses and doing my makeup with my front facing phone camera.

Under the shades on the hammock

As someone who does not like camping this was a good middle ground. It’s comfortable, yet rustic and oh so Instagramable. The real selling point of this cabin is at night when it’s pitch black and you can see the most amazing stars. And since the roof of the cabin is clear you can even see the stars when you’re lying in bed. PEC has very little light pollution so on a clear night it’s beautiful. Even if you have the fire going you can see a lot of stars. It’s really just so relaxing with no noise but the wind and the fire crackling and no artificial light. After spending most of the year stuck in a small apartment in the city this was the prefect escape.

The cabin lit up at night.

At the time of posting The Edward only has the main house and there new family loft available to book but availability for the Skyward Cabin will be announced soon at the 2021 season starts. So if you’re interested in staying at the beautiful Skyward Cabin this summer be sure to keep an eye on The Edward’s website and Instagram of updates. Last year the dates sold out of make sure you don’t wait they it opens up!

My best attempt at capturing the stars with my iPhone camera. The trees are all orange from the fire light.

For more information on Prince Edward County be sure to check out my other blog posts about the region, including where to eat and what to do here! And you can read about our stay at The Edward B&B here!


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